2 The Point Personal Words

MARY COOK "Hair Designer"


Sci-Fi  Action Suspense - Horror Action Suspense - Non Fiction Drama - Non Fiction/Fiction/Suspense/Comedy Drama

                                        PRODUCE ME!

*Mr. Sci-Fi-Action-Suspense*

Hello, Hello,  P R O D U C E R S!

Don’t you want to produce me? I am the best Sci-Fi Original Script ever written. I am really big, and I’ll bring in more money at the Box Office, than any Sci-Fi film has ever done so in the past.
When Oscar time comes around, you’ll have a great big smile, because you’ll be taking that bad boy home with you.   "PRODUCE ME!"

*Mr. Horror-Action-Suspense*

Hey up there, Mr. Sci-Fi!

I love you because you are my brother, but I want to be produced also. Now, look here, Producers. Produce me, because I am a great "Big Horror" the best ever written. If you produce me, I’ll frighten everyone so bad that they will run to the theaters. When Oscar time comes around, they’ll be too frighten not to give you that bad boy, because "I AM HORROR!"

*Ms. Non Fiction/Fiction/Suspense/Comedy/Drama*

All right you boys!

I heard you two talking, and I love both of you. But, it’s my turn to talk. Producers, produce me because, I am the best Non Fiction/ Fiction/Suspense/Comedy/Drama ever written. I’ll tell you why. Well, I started out being a true life drama, with a twist of comedy, but some bad things happened on the way. I wanted to get even with someone, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it, so, I just thought about what I wanted to do. That’s what makes me such a great script. If you produce me, I’ll attract everybody to the movie theaters. Being that I am a Non Fiction, Fiction, Suspense, Comedy, Drama.  When Oscar time comes around, they won't have to hand Oscar to you. Oscar will run and jump into your hands, then Oscar will give you a great big kiss and a hug, and say, "I am so happy to see you. I’ve been waiting for you, Now Take Me Home!"

*Ms. True Life-Non Fiction-Drama*

I hear you my sister and brothers up there!

You all have really been talking a lot. I’ve enjoyed listening to you all. Mr. Sci-fi adventures to other planets and universes. Mr. Horror, frightening everybody out of their wits. Ms. Non-Fiction/Fiction/ Suspense/Comedy/Drama, telling lies and jokes, making people laugh. I will admit, you all are wonderful, but did it ever occur to you all that, I am a True Life-Non Fiction Drama. I go back as far as 1845, telling the truth up to 2001, and in between those times, there were good times, bad times with laughter, crying and just plain seriousness at times. I am nothing, but the truth, because I have this bright light that shines on me. My light shines so bright that my script will break every box office record and Oscar will be smiling and singing when he is handed to the producer. You see my sister, and brothers, what you all don’t realize is that this light that shines on me is so bright that it shines on all four of us, and who ever produces me, will produce you all too. The producers will then have four of the biggest box office draws ever, and when Oscar time comes around, the producer will take home an Oscar in four categories. Producers, to see how bright my light shines, PRODUCE US.



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