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MARY COOK "Hair Designer"


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                                                                                                             MARY COOK
Hair Designer/Hairstylist

After graduating from Robert Fiance School of Cosmetology, Mary worked in a
neighborhood salon and from there to a Department store salon in Manhattan. Shortly afterwards she opened her own salon.  She enjoyed doing hair so much that she would open the salon on her day off to satisfy her clients that wanted their co-workers to see their hair freshly styled.

One day while working in her Salon, she received a telephone call from a Hair Designer from a Broadway Show.  He told her that he had heard about her work and offered her a job on his show.  He hired her on the spot, over the telephone. The following day Mary found herself working backstage in a Theater on Broadway.  Immediately afterwards she was asked to join their union, Local 798, which she happily accepted their offer.  Mary worked at the Theater for a few years.  She really enjoyed it.  There she learned about wigs; including lace front wigs.  She ended up going on an International Tour for a year, which included practically every city in the USA, also Canada and Japan.

After returning from the International Tour she was offered a job at NBC Studios in New York City where she resides.  She started out doing Saturday Night Live and several other shows at NBC.  While working at NBC, she held down shows at ABC also.  Shortly afterwards she was offered a job on a movie set.  There she founded her niche in her career.  She enjoyed it so much and still does.  Mary loves doing hair and at the same time she gets a chance to re-create period pieces; she really enjoys that. She also enjoys meeting people from all over the world and at the same time doing work that she truly loves.

When running her Hair Department on a Movie Set, she runs a Fun Loving, No Nonsense Department, which boils down to having fun while working, but above all be "PROFESSIONAL."  Mary's aim and  goal is to please everyone, including the Talent, Director, and The Producers to give them what ever is required of her department.

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